Write-a-thon Week One

I think I should have included getting this website set up as one of my goals for the Write-a-thon, as I’ve probably spent more time on it this week than on writing my novella.  Just getting this site to look more or less how I want it has taken a lot of trial and error.  And after trying half a dozen plug-ins for fonts, I still don’t have anything that really works; I’m surprised that the ability to choose any font you want for any part of a website isn’t just a standard feature of any site building application, but evidently it’s more complicated than it seems.

But I did get some work in on the opening scene of the novella.  I think most writers agree that beginnings and endings are the hardest; for me, endings aren’t usually so troublesome, but beginnings can definitely be a challenge to get right.  In this story, I needed to add quite a bit more to the rough, dream-like opening I’d previously written, because it’s necessary to create a clear sense of the protagonist’s world and her life in order for what happens to her to have the appropriate impact.   It’s not the kind of thing where I can weave in that information as the story goes along; if the reader doesn’t know who she was before, the shock and confusion she’s feeling is not going to be understood.  The tricky thing is to do this without taking too long to get to the ‘meat’ of the story . . .

The Clarion West Write-a-thon

A couple of years ago a friend offered to build a website for me, but, as so often happens, we both got busy with other things and it never happened.  Because I’m participating in this summer’s Clarion West Write-a-thon, and I wanted a venue to post updates on my progress, I decided it was time to put something together.  For now it’s a fairly rudimentary version of the site, functioning primarily as my Write-a-thon blog.

I’ve heard great things about the Clarion workshops for years, and some of my favorite authors have been involved with them.  The Write-a-thon is a kind of ‘shadow workshop’ to encourage writers to challenge themselves to accomplish their writing goals during the same six-week period as the actual workshop, and it’s also a fundraiser for the program.  To donate–or just to see what it’s all about–please visit the Clarion West site.